Writing Community Spotlight: Meka James

by | Jun 7, 2020

My sense of belonging to a writing community began on Twitter. And it continues to be centered on Twitter, where I go for keeping up with what’s new in the world of writing & self-publishing, and for hanging out in the messages section.

I started my writing & self-publishing career in Contemporary Romance. Most of my writer/author friends are romance writers, loud and proud.

Today, I’m turning the spotlight on my friend, Meka James, AND I’m running a Giveaway of her books for some lucky readers!

Meka lives in Georgia. I got to meet her in 2018 when we both attended the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference in Denver. We roomed together. We learned together. We got sick together. And we collected swag together. She won, hands down.

I love Meka’s books for the banter (she is the Queen of Banter in our writer’s group. Also, hands down), for the sexy times, and for the solid storytelling.

My current favorites of her books are the Desert Rose Hook-Ups series: Being Neighborly, Being Hospitable, and Being Cordial.

In addition to writing romance, Meka reviews books and blogs regularly for the Turtle Writers group, the Insecure Writers Group, and the Author Tool Box Blog Hop. She’s also a sought-after beta reader for other romance authors.

Phew! Now, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!



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