Writing Community Spotlight: Deana Birch

by | Jun 8, 2020

On today’s Writing Community Spotlight, I’m aiming the beam at Deana Birch… AND running a GIVEAWAY of her books for some lucky readers!

I can’t wait to meet Deana in person. She has a hot tub. She likes to send us photos of her feet on the edge of that hot tub, next to a glass of red wine. We keep threatening to do a writer’s retreat together, with our other writing buddies. I fear not much writing would get done…

Deana has written 5 full-length Contemporary Romance novels. She also co-wrote an Erotic Romance novel with Amelia Foster, and will release a 3-book series starting in Sep. 2020. Her stories are characterized by great dialogue, plenty of sexy times, and terrific attention to setting.

Deana’s a hybrid author, which means her books are both self- and traditionally published. She’s been prolific since she self-published FASTER, her first book, in 2018. In addition to teaching yoga in Switzerland and raising two daughters, she’s a sharp-eyed beta reader.



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