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by | Sep 27, 2018

It seems the three hosts of Witchy Wednesdays have a collective post-Mabon magic hangover. They asked Leilani Brodeur, the 17-year-old daughter of Malvyn (Sorcerer) and James (Plant witch and Botanist) Brodeur, to step in for them today. One of Lei-li’s talents is Imbuing, which allows her to transfer emotions (and more) into whatever food she’s preparing.

Leilani: Hi! I taught myself how to bake by following Rose Levy Berenbaum’s recipes.

One of my favorites is her Lemon Poppy Seed Cake, which I made for Harper’s family one night. It was an intense dinner, and all the energies swirling through the house kind of made it into dessert. Ever since I’ve been trying to be more aware of my emotions when I handle food, from start to finish–that way I don’t have to automatically offer my favorite tummy-ease tea!

It’s officially Autumn now and I’m trying to come up with recipes that feature pumpkins, and nuts and seeds, and which are easily transportable for taking to school and work. If my aunt Busy and her friends are amenable, I’ll post a recipe here once I have it worked out.


Airlie Redflesh is a Water Witch, based in and around the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. She enjoys all bodies of water, from rivers to lakes to the ocean. Along with her significant other, River Otterman (Druid and Spelunker), she is active in environmental groups dedicated to maintaining the health of the world’s waterways.

Belle de Boskoop is a Plant Witch. She has called Salt Spring Island home her entire life. As a practicing Herbalist, she works with clients in person and online, creating personalized healthcare and beauty products, as well as designing urban and suburban healing gardens.

Busy B. Heive has always had a thing for bees and is the only self-appointed Bee Witch in Canada. She calls the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island home and sees to the health and well-being of hundreds of hives throughout British Columbia.


The three of us—Airlie, Belle and Busy—enjoyed getting to know each other so much during the creation of MAGIC REMEMBERED that we decided to keep the show going. You’ll see us here weekly opining on any number of topics, from Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal Romance books, to herbs and wands and other witchy things.


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