Witchy Wednesdays: Pros & Cons of Magical *Love Interests*

by | Nov 8, 2018

(Please note: The topic of dating those who fall somewhere on the Magical spectrum turned out to be too broad a topic for one post. We edited this segment to focus on Druids.)

Busy: “Hello, and welcome to this week’s installment of Witchy Wednesdays! The three of us have been waiting to take this discussion out of our parlors–we’re witches, we have parlors, we talk–and into the world.

“What discussion,” you ask? This one: What are the pros and cons of being involved with ‘magically endowed’ love interests. (Excuse me while I clap Airlie on the back. She’s choking on the mead I made.) Airlie, Belle, where should we begin?”

Belle: “While Airlie’s wiping her chin, I’ll start. But let me preface my remarks by saying this is not a scientific study by any means, and that we shall not be naming names.”

Busy: “I agree.”

Airlie: “Agree completely.”

Belle: “I feel quite capable of speaking to the…talents, shall we call them, of druids. I have noticed a certain ping when I am attracted to a specific kind of man, and thus far that ping has always, always, led me to druids.” (Belle stops to fan herself and drop another chunk of ice into her elderberry cordial.)

“Now, as we all know, druids can take animal form. One each by land, air, and water.”

Airlie (leaning in): “What about fire and ether?”

Belle (arching one already perfectly-plucked eyebrow): “Those forms are so rare, Airlie. I’ve never come across a druid who could take dragon form or dissipate into the mist. Have you?”

Airlie (pressing her lips together and struggling to not blurt out her response): “Sort of?”

Busy (sloshes her drink over her shorts): “You’ve seen a DRAGON and you didn’t TELL us?”

Airlie: “Not a dragon. The mist thing.”

Belle (skeptical): “We’ll get back to your Man of the Mists, Airlie. And isn’t it time for you switch to green tea? Getting back to what I was saying, druids can take other forms and thank the Goddess they cannot take those forms once they’ve begun to get sexually aroused.”

Busy: “Belle, since when did you become our resident expert on all things druid-related? Shouldn’t we have Calliope here? I mean, have you seen Tanner?”

Airlie: “Oh, my Goddess. I had a tiny, tiny swoon when I saw him and Calli together. But then I met River. And the rest, as they say, is history. My story. Our story (giggles). Oh, Belle, don’t pout. Let me go first this time. Where were we?

“Oh, yes. Druids. My druid, River, takes otter form and there must be something about spending all that time rolling around in the water and on land, with other otters. That man has the most supple spine.”

Belle: “Airlie Redflesh, I thought we were not going to name names!”

Airlie (drains her crystal glass of elderberry cordial, stands, and curtsies): “Druids rock it between the sheets. And in the bathtub. And on the…” (she sighs and plops back onto the divan).

Busy: “Can we get back on track, please? What is it exactly about druids that makes them…special? And am I the only who thinks Tanner’s a bit of a handful? I mean, talk about moody.”

Airlie: “If your ex-lover could turn into a tree and chase you around the globe and make spooky woo-woo voices at the woman you were currently courting, wouldn’t you be a little moody, too?”

Busy: “I’ll cut him some slack. Calli likes him. I like Calli. Anything else to say about druids? I for one have never understood the attraction, but then again I’ve never met a druidess.”

Belle: “You can pick the next category, Busy. I guess I’ll end this first foray into the intimate nature of magically-enhanced partners by saying if you’re going to get with a druid, be prepared! Condoms are only one thing to have handy. I’d also include blankets, rain gear, hiking gear, snacks…”

Airlie: “LOTS of snacks! Druids are the snackiest.”

Busy: “Really? I thought those big kitty-shifters and bear-shifters ate a lot.”

Airlie: “Oh, they do, but I find it’s helpful to have lots of food around because druids just keep going and going and going, especially if you’re fooling around outdoors because, y’know, they feed off the earth’s energies and…”

Belle: “I think we’ve shared enough for one post. G’night!”


Airlie Redflesh is a Water Witch, based in and around the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. She enjoys all bodies of water, from rivers to lakes to the ocean. Along with her significant other, River Otterman (Druid and Spelunker), she is active in environmental groups dedicated to maintaining the health of the world’s waterways.

Belle de Boskoop is a Plant Witch. She has called Salt Spring Island home her entire life. As a practicing Herbalist, she works with clients in person and online, creating personalized healthcare and beauty products, as well as designing urban and suburban healing gardens.

Busy B. Heive has always had a thing for bees and is the only self-appointed Bee Witch in Canada. She calls the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island home and sees to the health and well-being of hundreds of hives throughout British Columbia.


The three of us—Airlie, Belle and Busy—enjoyed getting to know each other so much during the creation of MAGIC REMEMBERED that we decided to keep the show going. You’ll see us here weekly opining on any number of topics, from Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal Romance books, to herbs and wands and other witchy things.


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