Witchy Wednesdays: Preparing for the Equinox + Mabon

by | Sep 19, 2018

Hello and welcome to Witchy Wednesdays! This week, we’re chatting about the Autumnal Equinox and Mabon.

Busy: I’m going to grab the mic first and say hello to our readers! Even though I’m always a bit sad to see summer go, I do love this time of year. The rains have started, the leaves are turning, and the harvest has been abundant.

Belle: (Sighs dramatically) I am in mourning.

Airlie: Belle, Spring and Summer really are your seasons. And I think we should talk about ways to deal with seasonal distress in a future discussion. Perhaps some herbal remedies from your storehouse?

Belle: I love that idea, Sister Witch. Let me wipe away my tears and embrace the Equinox and Mabon. This time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the harvest. The fruits of our labors in our gardens and in our lives; from trees and plants we have cultivated and cared for, and from projects we started, seeds of ideas we planted and tended.

This past year, for me, was about performing much-needed maintenance in my herb gardens. Everything, from the pathways to the greenhouses to the production rooms, got a thorough cleaning and painting and updating. I didn’t want to expand my business until I knew the condition of what I had on hand.

Busy: And isn’t there a new man in your life, dearest Belle?

Belle: (blushing and threatening to go into a mild swoon). Kazimir Wickson. Just saying his name gives me palpitations.

Airlie: Seems he and Wessel both got bonuses when they came to the island to work with Tanner.

Belle: Wait, what did I miss?

Busy: Wes and Shelly, the midwife and healer, you know, the one who practices Western medicine, too? They met the night of Calliope’s Blood Ceremony and I hear the two have been inseparable.

Belle: (Sighs dramatically. Again.) Everything they say about druids is true…

Airlie: (rolls her eyes) Let’s get this discussion back on track. Now, when I look at this past year–or even the past six months–I’m not reveling in feelings of accomplishment, not at all. If anything, I’m looking more and more forward to getting deeper into autumn, and then winter, and to slowing down and taking stock. I think this sabbat will find me cleaning my house and journalling. And baking. Lots of baking. Good thing River has a high metabolism…What about you, Busy?

Busy: I recently received the news that my niece, Leilani, is a Witch, and I’m fit to bursting with joy! This may mean I have to divide my time between Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. Her fathers–Mal and James–are a sorcerer and a half-witch and though Lei-li is clearly blessed, the two men are not privy to some of our mysteries.

This Equinox celebration will be her first official ritual and now I’m thinking the three of us should be talking about junior covens and out Witches-in-Training programs and oh my, where are those tissues, Belle?

Belle: (hands over the box) We’re here for you and her, Busy B. Lucky for you, the covens in the area are staggering their ritual nights, so you can bring Leilani as many as she wants!

Airlie: Alright, my dears, time to go make the corn dolly and clean the house! Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!


Airlie Redflesh is a Water Witch, based in and around the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. She enjoys all bodies of water, from rivers to lakes to the ocean. Along with her significant other, River Otterman (Druid and Spelunker), she is active in environmental groups dedicated to maintaining the health of the world’s waterways.

Belle de Boskoop is a Plant Witch. She has called Salt Spring Island home her entire life. As a practicing Herbalist, she works with clients in person and online, creating personalized healthcare and beauty products, as well as designing urban and suburban healing gardens.

Busy B. Heive has always had a thing for bees and is the only self-appointed Bee Witch in Canada. She calls the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island home and sees to the health and well-being of hundreds of hives throughout British Columbia.


The three of us—Airlie, Belle and Busy—enjoyed getting to know each other so much during the creation of MAGIC REMEMBERED that we decided to keep the show going. You’ll see us here weekly opining on any number of topics, from Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Paranormal Romance books, to herbs and wands and other witchy things.


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