What’s ahead in 2023

by | Jan 3, 2023

Rolling up my sleeves (and rolling them right back down again because my office is cold today, brrr!) to share my plans for this coming year.

(Universe, chuckling to itself: "We shall see, Coralie. We shall see...")

Q1 (Jan.-Mar.): Three days into the first quarter of 2023 and I’m feeling a combination of “I can do this!” and, “I just want to bake cookies.” So, I’m mixing up a batch of my grandma’s orange zest-infused peanut butter cookies before getting back to writing.

Speaking of writing, the first quarter of the year is all about putting WORDS on the PAGE. Projects in the pipeline include:

  • Bonus short story content for The Goddess & the Woodsman
  • Persephone Lost & Found, book #2 of the Goddessverse Fantasy Series
  • Pandora <something something>, book #3 of the Goddessverse Fantasy Series
  • A short story about a character who shows up in Persephone’s book
  • Work with an illustrator on a series of goddess portraits to go with all of these books. Her designs will be featured in my upcoming Kickstarter.

One of the fun things I’m doing within the Goddessverse novels is including characters inspired by supporters of my August 2022 Kickstarter campaign. One backer chose the reward level that had him being written in as a villain, and another backer chose a reward level that would give his name to a minor character.

The villain has morphed into a quirky side-character (per the backer's request) in Persephone's book, and the minor character blossomed into something more important in Pandora's story when I ruminated on the name I was given for that character.
I try to stick to the plan, I really do, but sometimes a character, or the story itself, demands a different route.

Q2 (Apr.-Jun.): I see lots and lots of editing in the 2nd quarter of 2023…

  • Plan the next Kickstarter. I was going to run one in Jan. or Feb., then I had a hard look at my priorities.
  • Create a publishing schedule.
  • Keep writing. One of these days I will get back to writing more about Calliope and the characters in her series, though quite a few do crop up in subsequent books…

Q3 (Jul.-Sep.): Publish and Promote

Q4 (Oct.-Dec.): No work after Dec. 15. That’s about all I can see for Q4 for now.

  • Magic Remembered, aka the first Calliope Jones book, celebrates its 5th year in October and I imagine I will do something special to celebrate the entire series.

That’s all for now, folks! You can always stay tuned in via my newsletter.


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