One of the Rewards of Self-Publishing: Cupcakes

by | Sep 22, 2018

Do you ever wish you could go about your daily business attired in…whatever? This morning, I faced a LONG list of Things To Do (preparing to not only launch a book but also visit friends and family in the Boston/New York area for the next three weeks). I walked around my house wearing my best baggy-ass pajama bottoms and way-too-big T-shirt, with a holey blanket around my shoulders and my hair in a topknot, complaining to my husband even though I was in a state of sartorial *bliss*.

I decided against tarnishing my stellar reputation. Thank goddess for jeans, dark glasses, handknit ponchos, and the motivation supplied by a fragrant, mouth-watering cupcake.

Now, on to prepping two-weeks’ worth of blog posts. Then, my tasty treat from FUKflour.



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