The Next Book

by | Jul 2, 2020

The next book in the Sister Witches series is due to my editor on August 9th. This will be #5 in the series, and the first book with my new editor. (Michelle, who worked with me through the first 4 books in the series, is on maternity leave).

I have A Plan for the creation of this book–and I have two ideas for how the project will take shape.

I also started a Pinterest Board for ‘Triple Trouble’ (the project’s working title). I much prefer to use Pinterest for visual inspiration. Organizing ‘Boards’ helps me to organize my brain.

#1. The book becomes three separate novellas. One novella for each sister, taking place the month or two before Clementine’s and Laszlo’s wedding in the Reformed Realm.

Because when it comes to weddings, what could possible go wrong?

#2. The book becomes one sister’s POV. I’m beginning with Alderose. She has a lot on her plate–most of it in the realm of ‘relationships’–and her paramours have things to say. Seems like she, Guillaume, Jake, and Sidan might all be meeting up at Guill’s castle…

‘The Plan’ includes reasonable daily writing goals, writing sprints with other authors who are similarly on deadline, and one day off per week where there is no pressure to write.

‘The Plan’ also includes reasonable daily habits to keep my body healthy because yes, being a writer and self-published author can be hard on your health. All those hours sitting at a desk, sometimes wearing a writer’s hat, sometimes wearing a marketer’s hat, sometimes wearing both, is tough on the body.

‘The Plan’ has to take into consideration that Yours Truly has ADD and my usual coping mechanisms aren’t working nearly as well as they used to. Which means while I work on this book, I will be experimenting with ways to keep my mind on track. Wish me luck, because these characters are getting antsy and there is trouble on the horizon–trouble that includes:

  • …the unexpected appearance of characters presumed dead.
  • …clients who just want to be loved (and whose parents are ready to have them out of the nest).
  • …and future mothers-in-law who are predisposed toward meddling.



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