The Morning After

by | Jan 21, 2019

The Full Wolf Blood Moon, plus eclipse, was a doozy. Gorgeous in its brightness and clarity, especially as the orange shadow deepened. From where I stood, the upper left area glowed a pale turquoise blue, like a gem set against the black velvet of the sky. Orion was off to its right, each star distinct.

To me, full moons signal a moment of ‘coming to fruition’.

On January 20th, 2019, I finished a manuscript and sent it off to beta readers. The entire week before, I worked on polishing the book, dreaming of scenes, often having moments of needed insight early in the mornings, whether I was home, or in an Airbnb on another visit to the hospital to see about my husband’s heart.

The next two weeks, as the moon drains of her fullness, are the ‘tech’ weeks: final copy edits come back, final tweaking takes place, the book is formatted, ARCS go out, and reviews start to come in.

I have to set a release date, write cover blurbs, uploaded files, and launch MAGIC RECLAIMED into the world. Finishing it on such a spectacular night feels like a good omen.



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