The Goddessverse Fantasy Series

Calliope Jones / Magic Box Set

About The Goddessverse…

Goddesses in the modern world are burnt out, exhausted, and in need of a break. Worse, many have joined the ranks of the forgotten and disremembered. The characters within the pages of these books were inspired by figures from Greek, Irish, and other mythologies.

The Goddess & the Woodsman – the first book in the series – is a contemporary adult fantasy set in Scotland in modern times.

Persephone Lost & Found begins nine months after The Goddess & the Woodsman ends, and takes place in the Underworld, Scotland, Los Angeles (for a few glorious hours).

Demon Healer is a paranormal romance novelette, continuing a story line begun in Persephone Lost & Found.

The Goddess & the Woodsman #1 (revised 2023)

Habonde Barleywine – goddess of the hearth – has lost her temples, her acolytes, and many of her key memories. How is she going to persuade her sistren – including Demeter and Brigid – to support her grand idea for a proxy program, when she needs to put her own house in order?

Baubo, goddess of mirth and Habonde’s BFF, offers support in her own bawdy way. But things begin to get complicated as Hades shows up in need of a favor, and Zeus’s ego is threatened.

And then there’s Habonde’s unfinished business with the Woodsman and the unsettling fact that he seems to remember every moment of their shared past.


Content notes: This revised edition of the Goddess & the Woodsman contains references to and scenes of trauma involving fire and loss of life; memory loss; the mention of the pregnancy of a minor character; and scenes of explicit sexual intimacy between consenting adults.

Persephone Lost & Found #2

The Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld is out of balance with who she’s meant to be.

Though Persephone shares domain of the Underworld alongside Hades, she struggles to get a handle on her growing frustrations. The constant pull between the King – her husband in title only – and the demands of her mother, Demeter, have forced Persephone into an untenable situation.

Regular Godsrests keep her refreshed and renewed – and protected from reality. The rests also propel her further and further from her origin story – at least the one most commonly told – forcing Persephone to re-examine every assumption she has about herself. Though her quest to find her voice and stand up for herself doesn’t signal a complete break from her duties and obligations, it does require the beloved immortal to craft a wholly new balance between her dual roles as Goddess of Spring, and Queen of the Underworld.


Content notes: Persephone, the primary character, suffers with disordered eating, anxiety, and would be considered to be mildly “on the spectrum” by today’s standards.

While there are no scenes of sexual intimacy in Persephone Lost & Found, women kiss women, men are coupled with other men, and tolerance is high for all manner of sexual and relationship preferences outside of the heteronormative.

This story also contains references to pregnancy and childbirth; to amicable separation and divorce; to past acts of violence perpetrated by goddesses and gods from the Greek pantheon.

Demon Healer - a novelette #3

A demon once fated to wed another meets a goddess in need of protection.

Arkė spent untold centuries in the hidden catacombs of Tartarus. All the recently freed messenger goddess wants is her wings – and to put as much distance as possible between her and her sister, Iris, goddess of rainbows.

Kai’s competency as a warrior masks a broken heart. Wanting to distance himself from reminders of what he cannot have, the Reformed Realm demon takes a job in Tartarus, the Underworld’s famed prison.

Now Kai is tasked with getting Arkė to safety. He knows he can do this—he’s an elite guard with an impressive wingspan. Except the sensations coursing through his wings’ sensitive membranes tell him Arkė might be more than just a high-risk client. She might be his future.


Content notes: Demon Healer contains references to, and the results of, an instance of physical abuse in a character’s past; scenes of sexual activity between consenting adults.