The Goddessverse Fantasy Series

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Mar. 18, 2023: Kickstarter #2 has finished and is fully funded!

February 28 – March 16, 2023: Follow Coralie’s Kickstarter for PERSEPHONE LOST & FOUND (book 2 in the Goddessverse series). Rewards for backing this campaign include ebooks, custom-illustrated stickers, and the option of being included in onje of Coralie’s future books!

Persephone’s stuck between a rock (her mother, Demeter, and their demanding schedule) and a hard place (Hades, and their sham of a marriage). Determined to take back the reins of her own life, our intrepid heroine starts the process of figuring out what she wants – and how she’s going to get it.

Curious to see what a Kickstarter looks like? Check out Coralie’s campaign & reward tiers from August 2022.

1 – The Goddess & the Woodsman
2 – Persephone Lost & Found (Released exclusively to Kickstarter backers. Released wide Autumn 2023)
3 – (Untitled) to feature Pandora
4 – (Untitled) to feature Arke, a messenger goddess banished to Tartarus. This book will first be available in the Celestial Awakening Collection (releasing June 6, 2023)

Published October 6, 2022. Buy links here.

Goddesses in the modern world are burnt out, exhausted, and in need of a break.

Habonde Barleywine trusts she has a solution. Problem is, this goddess of the hearth has lost her temples, her acolytes, and many of her key memories. How is she going to persuade sistren like Demeter, Persephone, and Brigid to support her grand ambition, when she needs to put her own house in order – including her unfinished business with the Woodsman—who seems to remember every moment of their shared past?

Content notes: The Goddess & the Woodsman – the first book in the Goddessverse Fantasy Series – is a contemporary adult fantasy set in the modern world. The characters within these pages were inspired by figures from Greek, Irish, and other mythologies. This book contains references to and scenes of trauma involving fire and loss of life; memory loss; and explicit sexual intimacy between consenting adults.

The GODDESS BY PROXY Series in order:

Published February 17, 2022. Buy links here.

Voyeurism comes with the territory, whether you’re a gargoyle assigned to roof duty or a half-fae/half-human constrained by a magical contract.

Rhain Beauchêne’s perch is the roof of the Winslow’s Park Avenue mansion. He’s a Watcher, a position custom-made for gargoyles and one that suits his physical appearance and grouchy demeanor. He knows he can manage this second and final year of his contract without losing his mind to the monotony of his days–until the building across the street gains an intriguing new occupant.

Maddie Meadows lucks into the chance of a lifetime when a mythological creature in need of a break makes her an offer she can’t refuse. All Maddie has to do is care for Medusa’s snakes for an entire year. The biggest challenge? Maddie’s got to keep lovers out of her bed. If she can do that, she’ll be financially secure for the rest of her life. And maybe even befriend Medusa in the process.

There’s a perfect solution to Rhain and Maddie’s mutual longing for physical touch—but first they’ve got to learn to trust.