Writer's Life

A writer’s little helpers

In 2017, I participated in #RevPit, a Twitter contest run by a group of independent editors. I didn’t *win* one of the offered prizes. Instead, I won a group of fellow romance writer/author cohorts.

We’re in daily contact via group chats. We beta and CP for each other. We know each other’s pets’ names, kids’ names, partners’ names. We know if we’re tea drinkers, coffee addicts, or teetotallers. We check in if too many days go by without at least a quick drop-in.

A few of us are planning to meet in Denver at the RWA’s annual conference. The photo below is from my first-ever RWA conference, in San Diego in 2016. I roomed with two other women, and we were supposed to have a roll-away bed for me but it took up *all* the available floor space. Lily and I looked at each other and said, “Share a bed?”

Sure, why not? Besides, writers’ conferences aren’t designed to maximize sleeping. They’re designed to educate and offer opportunities to connect in person. And I cannot wait to meet the gals in RChat!