Starting over. Sorta.

by | May 5, 2024

(exhales a big breath…)

I’ve gone from being a slow-moving blob of Tiredness Embodied, to a fledgling octopus learning how to work multiple appendages. I choose, therefore, to be a Sparkle Octopus (“sparkle” being my word for 2024, which means I get to attach it to anything, and everything. Did you know I had Sparkle Yogurt for breakfast? And though my dearest husband doesn’t yet know it, he’s about to make me a Sparkle Cappuccino).

My multiple appendages (aka The List) include (but are not limited to) making ALL of my books available on all book retail sites by the end of May 2024. My grand experiment with putting my books into Kindle Unlimited for 6 months was helpful, because it allowed me to not think about marketing and promoting. But that experiment has ended, and I’m eager to once again have my books available in as many places as possible.

Series starters Magic Remembered, Once Blessed Thrice Cursed, and Paper Dragon – will now be perma-free.

Another appendage is the actual writing of NEW books. Currently, FIVE separate manuscripts light up my Sparkle Brain. FIVE. Which is 3 or 4 too many to be writing on simultaneously. So, I chose one NEW story idea, and one idea that continues an established series.

Goddess give me strength to keep my focus on these two, and only these two.


“Tanner! Come here!”

Snow-muffled silence answered my call. I refolded the extra-large Turkish towel over my shoulders and across my chest, revelling in the post-sauna warmth infusing every inch of my skin. Though the cozy sensation wasn’t doing much to calm the pang of alarm pressing its icy knife against my breastbone.

I almost hadn’t noticed the oddity now holding my attention. Stomping through the snow-covered path between the newly built sauna hut and my A-frame house, I’d felt a tug on the invisible cord connecting me with my land, pulling me toward the twisted crabapple tree anchoring the northwest corner of my garden. Instead of going directly inside the house, where breakfast fixings and an overdue weekend alone with my guy waited, I stared and stared at the tree, willing it to give me a sign.
– Excerpt from what may or may not be book #4 in Calliope’s series.


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