So. Whatcha been up to, Cora?

by | Mar 4, 2024

Back in December 2023, I accepted I was in a state of creative burnout (not writer’s block). I should have recognized this earlier. Like, months earlier. But I stubbornly refused to believe that the exhaustion I felt was anything more than a bothersome, post-COVID malingerer, and that with enough rest and good food I would soon be back on my feet (and butt) and writing.

I was, in the words of Schitt’s Creek’s David Rose, incorrect.

I gave myself the entire winter to de-burnout. And every time I felt even the tiniest urge to “get back to work,” I quashed it. Fast.

Have I had story ideas? Of course I have. I’ve had so many ideas that I had to take down my corkboard and tape up a 6′ length of drawing paper to accommodate the characters clamoring for attention.

Mouthy characters is good news! Luckily for them, the Vernal Equinox – the end date for my self-imposed season of recovery – is almost upon us. Right before the 21st, my writing group is holding another #20Kin5Days event. I plan to participate, and if all goes well, I will have written a sizeable chunk of my next book as the equinox graces us with Her presence.

Will I want to tease my readers with story excerpts? Of course I will. But that’s an urge I’ll have to resist. Climbing out of burnout includes the mandate to not over-promise. Hints about the book, and the possible new series, will have to wait.


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