Goddess by Proxy Series

Calliope Jones / Magic Box Set

About the Goddess by Proxy Series


Medusa's Proxy

Voyeurism comes with the territory, whether you’re a gargoyle assigned to roof duty or a half-fae/half-human constrained by a magical contract.

Rhain Beauchêne has been perched on a corner of the roof of the Winslow mansion on Park Avenue for a year. He’s a Watcher, a position custom-made for gargoyles and one that suits his physical appearance and grouchy demeanor. He knows he can manage this final year of his contract–until the building across the street gains an intriguing new occupant.

Maddie Meadows lucks into the chance of a lifetime when a mythological creature in need of a break makes her an offer she can’t refuse. All Maddie has to do is care for Medusa’s snakes for an entire year. The biggest challenge? Like Medusa, Maddie’s got to keep lovers out of her bed. If she can do that, she’ll be financially secure for the rest of her life. And maybe even befriend Medusa in the process.

There’s a perfect solution to Rhain and Maddie’s mutual longing for physical touch—but first they’ve got to learn to trust.

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