Self-Publishing, Entrepreneurship & Obsession

by | Apr 3, 2019

Self-publishing. Entrepreneurship. Obsession. Where to even begin?

This month marks my ONE YEAR anniversary as a Self-Publishing Author. Was I wedded to my work, which some days it feels as though I am completely wedded to writing and publishing and marketing and thinking up the next book idea and…

Yeah, I am definitely wedded to my work and to getting my work out into the world via self-publishing, therefore I should probably celebrate with a gift of ‘Paper’ for myself. #Giggle.

I’m obsessed with words and ideas for stories most hours of most days. Throughout the night, I wake up with potential solutions to story arcs or characters. I see inspiration everywhere, and in writing about magic for my urban fantasy series, I see *magic* everywhere.

Walking the Burgoyne Bay Trail yesterday, I got excited when I remembered this is the time of year that daffodils carpet certain spots near the water. Sure enough, the sun was out and so were the flowers. And for a little while, my brain calmed down. Soaked in the beauty of all of the elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

The balm offered by being in nature both soothes and inspires.

The daffodils will make it into a scene in a future book. And writing that scene will remind me of the hike up and over and in, and the first breathtaking sight of the flowers, and I’ll get to experience it all over again.




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