Quarterly Writing Update

by | Apr 4, 2024

Spring Quarter 2024:

#1. I survived burnout, AND I kept my head down and my intentions and actions on recovery until my target transition date of March 20th – the vernal equinox.

#2. Mid-March, I participated in the #20Kin5Days event hosted by my writing group, Wordmakers (founded by author, editor, & instigator, Tasha L. Harrison). The best things about this particular challenge were that I was able to make room for it in my schedule, I knew which story I wanted to focus on, and I showed up about 70% of the time I had intended to.

The more difficult-to-digest aspect of the event was that I didn’t get as many words out of my head and onto the page as I hoped/planned/wished for… BUT! BUT! I did write 6000 words, the equivalent of +/- 3 chapters, and deepened my understanding of my main characters, their backgrounds, their motivations, etc.

#3. On the advice of a few Wordmakers authors, I downloaded the plottr app – which is exactly the app I didn’t know I needed until I started to use it. With it, I can map out a single book or an entire series, keep track of characters, settings, timelines, etc. I’ve tried other apps, but none has meshed with my brain in the ways plottr does. So, YAY for tracking all of my book ideas!

#4. In… flakier news, I have no idea which book will come out next, nor do I know what that mystery book will be. BUT! BUT! This is because I have a plethora of story ideas, not a lack, and I am waiting patiently for one story to rise above the others and lay claim to my full attention (Though I have a sneaking suspicion it might be the story from the snippet below).

#5. Lastly, I’m on a prolonged hiatus from posting on social media. On occasion, I’ll scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, but so much of it is the same old, same old that I quickly lose interest. Anyone else feel this way?

If any Big, or Entertaining, thoughts enter my orbit, I’ll likely put it in a blog post. Otherwise, 99% of current words are going into (future) books.

XO ~ Coralie


Death was far too final a state of being for my liking. Once it was here, it was here. There was no outrunning it, no bargaining it away, no second chances, and if I could finagle a do-over for the past three days, I would take it. No questions asked. Because my great grandmother, Eleanor, had died, alone in her three story mansion.

I was supposed to be in Boston visiting her. Only, I wasn’t. I had succumbed to the pull of my baser desires and indulged in a one night stand, which meant I missed my train from Portland to Boston, and my last chance to sit at my great-grandmother’s side and listen to her rambling stories, half of which were so… out there, I suspected they were completely made up. And then, once she tired and sent me out so she could take one of her frequent naps, I would have explored her home like I always did, poking into the books in her library; through boxes and trays of her jewelry, and closets full of clothing and shoes she’d worn over the eight decades of her adult life.

Eleanor Wendelin Winthrop Lyman was my touchstone, and she was gone. – Ellie


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