“Persephone” & Pre-orders

by | Feb 26, 2023

Pre-orders for “Persephone Lost & Found” – book 2 in the Goddessverse Fantasy Series – go live on February 28, 2023 and I can’t wait to share more about this book, and others in the series!

What’s different this time around is the pre-orders will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Which means they will receive their ebook and paperback copies by the end of June 2023, before the book is made available at the usual retailers (Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

Ready to pre-order your copy? Follow the Goddessverse Fantasy Series Kickstarter, then create your backer account. Pledge levels are explained in full detail as soon as the campaign goes *live*. Until then, here are the basics (in Canadian dollars):

  • $2 – Includes a 2″ goddess sticker
  • $6 – Ebook of Persephone Lost & Found
  • $12 – ‘Transition’ & ‘Hearth Keeper’ Storytellers Oracle Deck cards (see image and link below)
  • $15 – Ebook, plus stickers
  • $25 – Ebooks of Persephone Lost & Found, The Goddess & the Woodsman, and Medusa’s Proxy, plus stickers
  • $35 – Autographed paperback
  • $150 – “Put Me in a Book.” This was a popular option with my first Kickstarter, where you buy your way into being a character in a book!

The Storytellers Oracle Deck is a multi-author project spanning a variety of genres. Each author has designed a card that distills the essence of their book or one of their characters. Put them all together and you have a truly unique Oracle deck that can be used for divination or displayed however you see fit.

Each author will offer their own card plus a two-card starter deck in their Kickstarter campaign. Back as many campaigns as you’d like to assemble your Oracle deck. These campaigns will be staggered throughout the year and on-going into the years to come, resulting in an ever growing, ever evolving deck.

Click here for more on The Storytellers Oracle Deck project and to check out the other designs. I’ll post the designs for my cards as soon as I have them!


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