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Hi, I’m Coralie Moss, and I write stories teeming with witches, goddesses, and other magical beings. My characters are often ripe for a bit of a shake-up (on their way to embracing what makes them unique), so I like to plunk a surprise or two into their seemingly normal lives before sending them off on an adventure.

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The Goddessverse Fantasy Series

  • The Goddess & the Woodsman (revised)
  • Persephone Lost & Found
  • Demon Healer (novelette)

Genre: Mythology-based fantasy, Fantasy with romance

Goddess by Proxy

  • Medusa’s Proxy (novelette)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Shifters in the Underlands

  • Paper Dragon
  • Blood Dragon
  • Moon Dragon
  • Broken Dragon (short story)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

The Sister Witches Series

  • Once Blessed, Thrice Cursed
  • Demon Lines
  • The Scarab Eater’s Daughter
  • Beguiled, Bewitched, & Broken
  • Witches Everbound

Genre: Urban Fantasy


Magic: The Calliope Jones Novels

  • Magic Remembered
  • Magic Reclaimed
  • Magic Redeemed
  • Magic Restrained (novelette)

Genre: Urban Fantasy


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Dragons as Parents

Dragons as Parents

Audrey and Elijah Winslow are Jake's adoptive parents, and I've had loads of fun writing them, especially Audrey. I gave them a mansion on Park...

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The Evolution of Paper Dragon

The Evolution of Paper Dragon

“The Scarab Eater’s Daughter” gave us our first glimpse of Jake. A much more complete version of his backstory began to evolve during the first draft of Paper Dragon. I thought Alderose would become his “love interest,” that they would stumble through figuring out how to be in a romantic relationship.

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