NEW season + NEW month + NEW House + NEW Book = OMG

by | Sep 25, 2019

Ooh! Before I launch into this blog post, I need to share this link to a BOOK GIVEAWAY for the MAGIC Series. Winners will be chosen on October 1, 2019!

Who’s joining me in the State of Overwhelm? There’s plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate in here, prepared *just* the way you like it. Need something stronger? Hit me up after 6:00pm and I’ll see what I can pour.

Confession time: 2019 has been a Very Challenging Year. Part of the challenge has been that I built in no breathing room. None. Zip. Zilch.

  • I also abandoned my various sanity-keeping rituals, except for the almost-daily mug of cocoa. Bad plan, Cora. Bad. Plan.

I’m ready to make changes–which feels very possible and very appropriate, given that we are moving…TOMORROW!

Here’s my Recovery Starter List:

  • Attend Salt Spring Island’s annual Apple Festival this coming Sunday. Sample lots of apples.
  • Trim my belongings. We’ll have one-quarter of the space, which means my pack-ratting proclivities when it comes to things like vintage kitchen implements and my stashes of fabrics and buttons will go on hold. (You have enough, Cora. You truly, truly do!)
  • Close my laptop at 5:00pm. This is a big one and it supports my goal of being more organized and focused when it comes to writing, producing, and marketing books.

That’s it for now. Getting over-ambitious with the goal-setting means it’s a harder fall if I fail.

How about you? What do you do to take care of yourself, especially in trying times?

(PS. I wish I could share with you the apple butter I made this year. SO. TASTY.)



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