Moon Magic 29.XII.2020

by | Dec 29, 2020

Feeling the need to be quiet, even a bit more hermit-like? You’re not alone. As we prepare to usher 2020 out and welcome 2021 in, here are some ideas for ways to be in the energy of a full moon in Cancer.

Prepare your altar/ritual space. This can be as simple or complex a process as you wish or need. At the least, I bring a candle and my intention-filled self to a quiet place (and because I’m me and my brain rarely stops, I bring a notebook and a pen in case I feel the need to write afterward).

This final full moon of the year–The Cold Moon–occurs during one of the Northern Hemisphere’s longest nights. Make time to go outside when the sky is dark. Stick your head out the window, head to your rooftop, your front yard, the woods or the shore, and look for the moon. Even if you can’t see her, she is there.

Prepare to sit in the full moon’s silvery presence, asking its light to pour onto whatever projects (physical, emotional, etc.) needing help or blessing.

  • Silver candles signify the full moon.
  • Red candles are fo the Mother: full of power, manifestation, fertility.
  • Your new, current, or ongoing project (or something that represents it).

Ground yourself. Cast your circle. Call in the directions, your personal guides, the Goddess of Chocolate… however it is you like to begin. Relax your shoulders. Let your body and mind know it’s okay to rest. You’ve worked to get *here*. Take the time to savor these moments.

When you’re ready, picture a stream of cool, silvery light moving from the moon to you and your altar. State your intentions for the ritual out loud. What do you need help with? What do you need blessed?

Lift your hands, palms down, and spread your fingers. Bring the tips of your thumbs together, and the tips of your forefingers together, creating a yoni shape, a soft-edged diamond. Move your hands over the altar, over the physical object you chose to represent the thing(s) needing energy.

Picture the full moon above you, pouring its light onto your head. Notice the light moving through your body, lighting up your vertebra and all the bones in your body, all the way to your joined fingertips. If the light feels weak, bring the moon closer to the crown of your head.

Take your time. When you feel full–of moonlight, energy, power, intention–place your hands over your project or cup it in your hands. Visualize channeling the light you’ve drawn into yourself to that object. If you want, let excess energy move out to others.

When you’re ready, or you feel done, let the energy go. Blow it out through your mouth. Shake your hands. Flutter your fingers. Picture a bubble popping. Open your circle and do a little extra physical grounding. Wrap a blanket over your shoulders. Pull on a pair of wool socks. Go eat hot soup, bread, something earthy, warm, and filling.

Add this ritual to a journal or notebook you’ve started for this purpose. Track your moon magic work, ideas, desires, and results.


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