Meet Belle de Boskoop, Plant Witch: Book Launch Countdown

by | May 14, 2019

Plant Witch and Healer, Belle de Boskoop is one of the witches we meet in Magic Remembered, book one of the MAGIC-verse trilogy.

Belle de Boskoop is also a variety of apple. You can find the classic, old European variety described on Salt Spring Apple Company’s website. Their display area at the annual Salt Spring Island Farmer’s Institute’s Fall Fair was where I took my first bite of a Belle de Boskoop. That moment made an indelible impression.

If you’re into apples, this island also has an annual Apple Festival. My first time attending, I made great plans to hit up every orchard. Instead, I spent hours sampling apples and pears at Bright Farm. I never made it off that property.

Back to Belle the Plant Witch. Here’s the scene from chapter five where she is introduced:

          “Calliope Jo-ones?” A very round, sunny woman with a sing-song voice sidled Kerry out of the way. “I am Belle. Belle de Boskoop. Rose sent me.” Belle floated through the doorway, dressed like a bouquet of wild yellow cowslips. She lifted a crisp paper bag by its handles and made a show of offering it to me just as her attention snapped to Kaz—and his, to her.”

Belle and Kaz (Kazimir Wickson, who was also named for an apple, is a Druid who counts the Otter as one of his animal forms) become romantically involved very quickly. Their union strengthens the backbone of the Magical community while their shared sense of humor lightens many a stressful moment.

Belle stewards enormous herb and flower gardens from which she creates tinctures, salves, syrups, tonics and more. She also runs a clinic in her rambling Victorian home. There, she can treat Beings of all kinds and facilitate their healing with lengthy stays.

Belle plays a big role in book three.





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