Magical Objects

by | Dec 27, 2018

One of the tasks I love most when writing urban fantasy novels about witches and druids and sorcerers, oh my! is imagining what sort of magical objects each character will utilize.

Tanner Marechal, a perpetually-thirty-seven-years-old Druid, wears a leather pouch on a double cord. One loop is draped around his neck and the other circles his chest (one assumes this means he does not want to lose the pouch. Or its contents).

I had a clear picture in my mind of what this pouch would look like, so I took to Etsy to begin my search. I found a lot of beautiful pouches, but not The One.

However, I did contact one shop–Leather by Lisa. Her pieces looked well-made and touchable. A couple weeks later, the pouch she custom-made for me arrived and it’s perfect.

Next up is Calliope’s wand. The old wood one she has carried for years gets a replacement in Magic Remembered when a small branch breaks off the old crabapple tree near her garden. Given the number of apple trees on Salt Spring Island, I could probably make this, and other magical objects, myself.

I have very specific ideas about how the wand transforms over time to become an object of both beauty and power. Might be time to learn how to carve and do metal filigree…



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