Magic Remembered: Early Reviews + Opening Lines

by | Oct 2, 2018

First things first! Advance readers are starting to leave reviews. Here’s some of what they have to say about Magic Remembered:

  • “Calliope Jones is my new hero! It’s awesome to read about someone that I have things in common with, like almost adult children and more “life experience”.”
  • “I love the slow, delicious burn (of the romance). The magic…straddles this line between fantasy and magical realism in my mind, only in that the magic is so rooted in real lore, real practices, that it feels as though it could be real.”
  • “Magic Remembered is a perfect mix of past and present. Calliope is a tough chick and isn’t about to take any more crap from anyone!”

Second, pre-order links! Barnes&Noble   iBooks   Kobo   Amazon (the link is coming)

Last week saw the cover reveal for Magic Remembered. This week, the opening lines…:

I rued the day I downloaded ShiftR, the dating app designed for witches and the like. My first experience with swiping found me grimacing at my ex-husband’s smug face and wondering why the avowed magic-hater was trolling for non-humans. Swiping in the other direction, over and over, eventually netted two possible matches, both of them werecougars living across the channel on Vancouver Island.

After a cluster of dating disasters, I wanted a no-strings-attached romp. Choosing one shifter over the other because of a shared interest in vintage Airstream campers, a romp inside a restored, aluminum-sided Clipper was exactly what I got. But even in his fully human form, the shifter’s combined size and enthusiasm may have led to a busted condom.

And now, my period was almost two months late and I couldn’t make myself pull open the glass door of the medical building, step over the threshold, and show up to my appointment at the women’s health clinic.

Calliope Jones, you can do this.




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