Lessons from Couches & Kitty-Cats

by | Dec 1, 2018

Resting is good~Loki the Loquacious, former bad boy of Calle Aldama, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico. Currently, FoL*, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. (*Feline of Leisure)

I set a goal at the beginning of 2018, to take better care of myself when I was writing: change positions every hour or so, get on the treadmill to get the heart rate up, roll out the yoga mat and use it, do not over-caffeinate, and take days off.

During November, I had 24 writing days. I wrote most of MAGIC RECLAIMED (book two of the Calliope Jones novels) and drafted MAGIC RESTRAINED, a romance novelette between two side characters. In another week, both manuscripts will be in my editor’s hands.

Back to Loki. He’s not a lap cat, yet he chose this morning to join me on the couch, give himself a bath, and fall asleep. I could not move. His weight and warmth reminded me, it really is okay to stop and not ‘do’.

First thing I did when I arrived at my writing cabin (after Loki left my lap to investigate his food bowl) was unroll my yoga mat and get out my foam blocks. December is going to be another wordy month, and I’m happy to say I’m ending this year much healthier than I was eleven months ago.



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