Getting Ready to Launch Magic Remembered!

by | Sep 20, 2018

Writing is a rather solitary process, but it takes a VILLAGE to raise a book. I am super excited for my first Urban Fantasy to launch and super grateful for everyone involved with the process.

Elizabeth Mackey is the creative force behind the cover. Jeni Chappelle Editorial is the reason there’s something to read and review in the first place!

Amelia Foster runs the book review site Books, Coffee & Sarcasm. She’s hosting a cover reveal for MAGIC REMEMBERED on September 25. Preorder links will go LIVE at the same time.

Evie Drae reads, writes, reviews and basically devours books 24/7. She’s reviewing MAGIC REMEMBERED on her site on October 15.

A veritable bevy of ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) readers will be getting Magic Remembered this weekend. Oh, my!

On Goodreads, you can check ‘Want to read’ on Magic Remembered’s page. Every check, every review ‘Like’, counts! On Amazon and other retailers, too.

Meka James–who is supposed to be editing her current book–is helping with graphics. Deana Birch keeps reapplying my nose to the grindstone while getting her Contemporary Romance, SLOWER, ready for its launch. And I might not have dipped a toe into the Urban Fantasy waters had Meghan Ciana Doidge not suggested I “write what you love to read”.


Magic Remembered is book one of the Calliope Jones novels. Book two–Magic Reclaimed–is practically writing itself. And a few of the side characters are looking around at the example set by other authors and lobbying for their own books. Reader, you have been forewarned!

Image courtesy of K studio / Freepik 


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