It’s Book Release Week & I Have Nothing to Wear

by | Oct 2, 2022

Oh my gosh, you should see my desk. It’s actually tidy. Everything I need to/want to/must do is written out and attached to my clipboard. My Lunar Calendar tells me today there’s a Waxing Moon transitioning into a First Quarter Moon. In other words, time to create a plan, then use the moon’s energy to get down to business.

Which would be so much easier if I had a kind and loving relationship with social media and marketing in general.

Which I don’t.

I would love to launch The Goddess & the Woodsman with a party, complete with tea and treats and reading excerpts. Aaand as I wrote that, it occurred to me someone’s going to think, “Has she never heard of facebook live/youtube/tiktok, etc.?”

Of course I have. I’ve watched some authors do a bang-up job of creating a lively, engaged experience. And maybe I’ll reconsider my aversion to doing “live” events on camera in time to set up something for Thursday.

Which is 4 days from now.

Which means I need to find something to wear. Too bad I can’t dress up to look like one of the goddesses or witches or sorceresses I write about (unless they’re goddesses, witches, and sorceresses in their comfiest pajamas and robes).


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