It’s Book Release Day for MAGIC REDEEMED!

by | Jun 6, 2019

MAGIC REDEEMED is out the door!

“Calliope’s earth magic has fractured.

As her fledgling magical skills begin to dissolve, Odilon Vigne, scion of the Fae clan, arrives on Salt Spring Island to expand his family’s holdings—and to offer Calliope the one thing she has always desired.

Magical beings throughout the world know to defer to Vigne or risk losing their loved ones, their land, or their heads. Where others negotiate, Odilon Vigne plunders.

All Calliope Jones needs is to resist Odilon’s charismatic seduction. And do this while keeping track of five boundary-testing teenagers, a larger-than-life gyrfalcon grandfather, and the druid who pursues her heart.”

The buy links for Magic Redeemed below will be good until June 12, 2019.


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