In the Aftermath of a Winter Storm

by | Dec 26, 2018

December 27, 2018. Day seven since a winter storm with high winds knocked out power here on Salt Spring Island. The level of community members looking out for community members has been amazing and heart-warming. Our next door neighbors have been offering re-charge hours when while their generator is running. Other neighbors have offered hot showers.

Those who know how to wield a chainsaw (and have theirs sharpened, fueled up, and ready to go) have been awarded demi-Goddess/God status. Huge fir trees have fallen across roads and taken miles of power lines with them, making those with chainsaws Very Important People.

On Day #3 of no power, a friend took everything salvageable from our freezer and added it to theirs. We’ve been cooking 2-3 meals a day on our beat up Coleman camp stove and our high-tech Jetboil (Dear Jetboil. I love you.)

On Day #6, another friend who’s off-island offered us the use of their home until they return. Last night, I cooked our dinner on a real stove and I kept giggling.

Yes, I am *that* easily entertained. 

We decided to return to our house after dinner. Our cats would not be amused if their humans were not there to provide warmth during the night. When we got home, one of my son’s friends had finagled a small generator for us (AND fuel, AND a portable oil-filled heater). We were able to power one lamp, the heater, and kiddo’s laptop to watch a movie before bed. BLISS.

Today, Day #7, I’ll tackle the stack of dishes crowding the counter beside the sink. Fill the car’s gas tank. Buy food for the day. This time of year, we get only eight hours of light, and the view over the water shows a thick, gray cloud cover.

A good day for writing.



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