Friday Book Reviews – Feb. 14, 2020

by | Feb 14, 2020

Friday Book Review is going in a slightly different direction this week. Today, I’d like to send a whole lotta love out to Book Bloggers and Reviewers, as well as podcasts that revolve around books.

As an author, I regularly leave reminders to readers to please leave reviews on Goodreads as well as at their place of purchase. I see those reviews as being for other readers, not for me. I don’t read reviews–I have someone else do that for me when I need a pull-quote for marketing purposes–though I do read and listen to my beta readers’ feedback.

So why all the emphasis and downright nagging about reviews?

  • Your review helps to sell my books. Positive, negative, indifferent, it’s one way to keep authors’ names and book titles in front of potential readers.
  • Retailers see the number of reviews (not the number of stars or the content of the reviews) and plug that into their algorithms which then determine how often they’ll flash a book’s cover in front of browsers.

Leaving a review takes time, but it can have a long term effect on the saleability of that book & for bringing in new readers  So, THANK YOU, for taking the time to read & for taking the time to review.

Also, if you have a favorite review or podcast site or two or five, please add them in the comments!


  • Amelia Foster author/blogger goes out of her way to champion Indie Authors.
  • Meka’s Musings: Meka posts about books, and the business of writing and self-publishing (and the trials & tribulations too).
  • Books and Blurbs is where you can find lots of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy reviews.
  • SmexyBooks reads and reviews all sub-genres of romance primarily, and also urban fantasy and paranormal romances.
  • Smart Bitches Trashy Books A long-running website with a treasure trove of reviews and author interviews. One of my favorites!
  • Brazen Babe Reviews: Sharonda Isadora is a red wine drinking, forever loving book-reader who strongly favors romance.
  • Jen Reads Romance: Reviews primarily Historical and Contemporary romance books.
  • Romance Novel News: Romance Novel News is committed to spreading the word about romance.
  • Romance Rehab: Romance Rehab LOVES the romance genre. They read it obsessively. And for each book they rate, they’ll let you know whether or not they think it helps break the romance stigma, or perpetuate it.
  • Love in Panels: Ana Coqui is a lifelong genre reader. She grew up reading fantasy, sci-fi & mystery novels in Puerto Rico, discovered comics in college, and finally wandered into the Romance section of the library after bawling through one too many YA dystopian novels. A recovering English and History double major, Ana is now a school librarian.
  • Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews
  • Books & Quills Magazine: Books & Quills Magazine was founded after a group of writers recognized the need for a book magazine accessible to readers and writers of a diversity of ages and tastes.
  • Halon Chronicles:
  • Goodreads: SO MANY book reviews here, as well as genre- and trope-specific lists. Many authors, yours truly included, appreciate when reviews or stars are left here. This is a site for readers.


  • Fated Mates: One of my favorite podcasts. This romance novel podcast with Sarah Maclean + Jen Prokop is smart, funny, engaging, politically astute, and goes places others fear to tread. If you’ve read Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series and liked or loved it, this might be the podcast for you.
  • Wicked Wallflowers Club: A podcast for empowered readers & writers of romance. New episodes on Wednesdays.
  • Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: Each Friday, SPTB talks with authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians, or combinations thereof, and shares the fun and mayhem. Frequent topics include romance fiction, the brilliant and interesting people who read, write, and produce it, and issues common among romance readers, along with a hefty side order of silliness. Plus, they always recommend some books they’re reading and really enjoying.


Got a favorite review site or two or five? Add them in the comments!


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