Evolution of a Book Cover

by | Jan 12, 2020

The evolution of a book cover begins, for me, around the time I’m finishing the first draft. And while writing a book is fun (okay, mostly fun and also exhausting), working with the brilliant, creative Elizabeth Mackey to come up with the book’s cover is more fun.

Elizabeth let me know that December and January were bonkers for her, so I emailed her last week to reserve a spot in her design queue for February. In that email I gave her a link to a page of photos at neo-stock. This is the same model we used for the cover of ONCE BLESSED, THRICE CURSED.

Below is a low-res version of the photo that might be on the cover of DEMON LINES. I’m super excited to see how Elizabeth takes this image–or one similar to it–and begins to work her design *magic*. She’s got a short list of items I want to see on the cover, including… Oops, sorry, no spoilers! But once we’re farther along, I’ll be back to share the process!

Female contemporary dress / ball gown stock photography



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