Dedication Pages: Who Gets Recognized?

by | Nov 27, 2019

Writing the dedication for Once Blessed, Thrice Cursed: A Sister Witches Urban Fantasy was easy. Though I’ve worried over dedication pages in the past.

This story is about three sisters–Alderose, Beryl, and Clementine–and their sometimes complicated relationships. To each other, their mother, their father, and their individual magical abilities.

I was blessed with one sister, Karen. She’s eleven years younger than me. I borrowed the connection we have and wove it into the core of the sisters’ sense of family. The one thing the sister witches will never do–that my sister and I have been doing for years–is text each other from their respective treadmills whether they’re next to each other (rare) or we’re 3 timezones apart (much more common). Love you, Sis!

The other mention is my maternal grandmother, Dorothy. She taught me how to sew. She also imbued me with a love of fabric and an appreciation for good construction and finishing techniques. Her voice–and the memory of her hands–is with me, whether I’m making a simple pillow for the couch, or a bias-cut, silk charmeuse wedding dress for a client (back in the days when I sewed professionally).

Sisters and sewing are just two of my writing inspirations. What are yours?



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