Dear Rune Stones: What Should I do?

by | Dec 17, 2018

A tattoo of a rune figures prominently in Magic Remembered. Today, I stuck my hand in a pouch of rune stones. While I might have pulled one out of a bag years and years ago, this was the first time I cracked open my book on runes, untied the knot keeping the bag of stones closed, and had myself a consult.

I cupped all the stones in my palm and meditated. A calm settled over the agitation I’ve been dealing with on and off for days. When a question formed, I kept my eyes closed as I drew three rune stones–one at a  time–and placed them face down, right to left, on my desk.

The first rune I turned over was the same rune that had been tattooed onto my heroine’s lower belly.

I have to tell you, I paused. I’m still…paused.



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