Countdown: 7 Days to Launch a Book

by | Oct 18, 2018

Ever wondered what self-publishing looks like? Wonder no more. Go to your closet or your bureau; that basket full of clean laundry or the chair in the corner of your room. Pull out something for your top half and something for your bottom half and something for your feet. The cozier, the better. And if you have hair…gather it into an elastic or shove it under a hat or run your fingers through it. Just get it off your face.

Pour yourself something to drink. Stretch. Scratch. Fire up your computer or laptop, and open your list of tasks. Like mine, it might feel endless, which can be daunting:

Thursday, Oct. 18: 

  • Create 7 “exclusive content”, sneak peek posts for BookandMainBites.
  • Finalize and download back cover art (Elizabeth Mackey, Cover Designer)
  • Address the 50 lbs. of heirloom apples sitting in boxes on my kitchen floor. Hmm…applesauce as book swag?

Friday, Oct. 19: 

  • Coffee with Connie at our corner booth at the diner-style eatery housed on the island’s golf course. Because golfers don’t care what two chatterboxes have to say about writing and art and life.
  • Triple check that all book files have been properly updated, uploaded, and are ready to go on all online retailers.
  • Consider strongly what it will take to bring the house up to a passable level of cleanliness.

Saturday, Oct. 20:

  • Pop into the Saturday Market. Maybe. Depends on whether or not I can get myself out of my writing outfit (soft and fuzzy everything, from slippers on up) and into “real” clothes.
  • Tackle the apples.

Sunday, Oct. 21: 

  • Evie Drae, Book Reviewer, posts a review on her blog.
  • Call family members. Assure them WestJet got me from Boston to Vancouver in good time (I landed 8 days ago…).

Monday, Oct. 22: I might freak out a little.

Tuesday, Oct. 23: I might freak out a lot.

Wednesday, Oct. 24: #MrMoss will likely confiscate my laptop to prevent me from obsessively checking Goodreads reviews and pre-order stats.

Thursday, Oct. 25: CHAMPAGNE and CUPCAKES ON THE BEACH. Or, by the fire, if it’s cold and rainy, which is entirely possible given this is the Pacific Northwest…

Friday, Oct. 26: Sleep the sleep of the exhausted author who made her FOURTH self-publishing deadline of THE YEAR.

Saturday, Oct. 27: Amelia Foster, Book Blogger, initiates her *new* monthly column with an interview with Yours Truly.

Wednesday, Oct. 31: Celebrate Hallowe’en in witchy style.

  • Start MAGIC RECLAIMED, book two of the Calliope Jones novels.


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