Comfort Foods in Times of Isolation

by | Mar 22, 2020

(Content warning: While this post highlights the positive ways in which comfort foods soothe our bellies and our hearts, I also recognize that talking about food as comfort can be triggering for those with eating disorders. If this is true for you, please take good care–which might mean closing this post.)

Many of us need comfort food in these times of social-distancing, quarantining–and grieving. I think it’s as natural to turn to food for comfort, as it is to turn to friends and family.

The rituals of shopping for, preparing, and eating ours and others’ favorite dishes creates community–even when our communities are far away. For today’s Sunday Brunch, I made tostones. I learned how to prepare them when I lived in Puerto Rico. Even though I now live on a small island off the coast of British Columbia, I continue to keep plantains on hand. There are so diverse, going from starchy and being good with spicy foods, to sweet.

Here’s how I make tostones:

  • #1. Gather your tools + ingredients. Cutting board, knife, plantain, frying pan, oil, paper towels, plate, bowl w/water, large spoon, coarse salt.
  • #2. Cut the ends off the plantain + run your knife down the skin lengthwise (try to cut just the peel, not the fruit).
  • #3. Slice the plantain into chunks that are 3/4″-1″ in width.
  • #4. Fry the slices until golden brown.
  • #5. Flip the slices!
  • #6. Put the slices into the bowl of water for up to 1 minute (Don’t let them get waterlogged + fall apart).
  • #7. Put the pieces onto the paper towel + smash each piece gently with the rounded side of your spoon.
  • #8. Fry them again, turning once.
  • #9. Remove the twice-fried chunks onto dry paper towels. Pat off oil + sprinkle with salt!

I made scrambled eggs to go with my tostones, then grated sharp cheddar cheese over everything. Delish! Let me know your favorite comfort foods in the comments 🙂


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