Book Research & Story Inspiration: Buttons

by | Jun 5, 2019

In today’s Book Research News, I’d like to attest there’s story¬†inspiration to be found in buttons. Red buttons, green buttons, mother-of-pearl buttons.

I have 8 big, square pillows in need of covers. Ikea had these yummy natural linen¬†handtowels last time I was there (in 2018). I bought 2 dozen and am slowly making them into pillow covers, 3 towels per pillow. I’ll be adding buttons to the back of each, where the fabric overlaps and because…BUTTONS! Also, I love to make handstitched buttonholes.

While all that is happening–oh, before sewing I have to iron all the pre-washed linen handtowels–I’ll be thinking about the sister witches in my new series, in their mother’s shop in Northampton, MA, sorting through their legacy. And grumbling. Because none of them would have chosen the lives they are about to lead.



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