Between the river & the sea

by | Sep 23, 2023

The sheer volume and weight of the tasks associated with being a sole-creator, self-publishing, self-promoting writer in 2023 has weighed heavy on me for most of this year.

I feel like I’m occupying a narrow strip of land. To one side is a body of water that stretches to the horizon. Some days it’s a lake, some days it’s a small sea. Its waters run both salty and fresh. Locals (me) view this body of water as The Source – of ideas, inspiration, characters, and otherly-worlds. Story elements, memories, dreams, and more flourish below The Source’s surface. When I enter to soak or swim, I am not afraid. Often, I sense the presence of things I cannot see, enticing me to swim farther, dive deeper, make contact without fear.

This body of water is a pleasure to be close to, to be within.

To the other side of the strip of land is a roiling, devouring, ever-widening river. Let’s call it The River of Everything Out There. I used to be able to step into its waters, find my footing on the sand, pebbles, and rocks and not get pulled far from shore. These days, I can barely wet my toes before the waters’ different currents threaten to take me under and sweep me downstream. Or bruise me up before tossing me back onto shore.

The River of Everything Out There is the world of book marketing, book promoting, and social media. It is BIG and it is WILD. I no longer understand how to navigate it without spending gobs of money I do not have; without spending gobs of time I would much rather devote to writing fantasy fiction.

For now, I have to focus on writing, and The Sea, and let The River be. I can see it, I can hear it. I feel its spray hitting my face. But I can’t find a good entry point (and I’m someone who, when she sees a body of water, fixates on how to get into it. Or onto it.) Some day, when I have the resources and the time, I’ll reassess my relationship with The River.


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