Between Books (my own + others’)

by | Nov 20, 2019

I’m between books, ones I’ve written and ones I’m reading. Book one of the new Sister Witches Urban Fantasy Series, Once Blessed, Thrice Cursedreleases on December 5, 2019. And the latest offering by one of my absolute favourite authors–Meghan Ciana Doidge–is coming out on Thanksgiving Day. Why, yes, I would love a bit of magical mayhem with my slice of pumpkin pie!

In between writing projects, I clean and organize my creative space. I find it soothing to touch fabrics and buttons and yarns. During my latest bout, I realized I have a penchant for putting my collections into glass jars.

In between projects, I also make lot of lists. This week’s lists are all about VILLAINS. Villains and antagonists and anti-heroes. Because I’m getting deeper into two different, intertwined series and the Big Bads are itching to come out of the woodwork and do their big-bad thing.

Writing conflict into my books is one of my biggest challenges. I’m a conflict-averse human and I’m writing stories that need conflict–especially internal conflict–beyond the clash of weapons. To get some guidance, I downloaded Sacha Black’s Villain School 101 worksheets and used them to flesh out the villains waiting in the wings.

For the first time in my writing life, I’m really, really excited to write villainous characters. Odilon Vigne*, are you ready?


(*Odilon Vigne is introduced in MAGIC REDEEMED. We’ll see him–and many others–in the next MAGIC book.)


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