A look back at 2023

by | Dec 21, 2023

(Well. Consulting my Google calendar isn’t helping me with my recall, other than showing me the days + hours I worked at my day job; the dates I traveled to the east coast to visit my family (3 times, wow!); and the days that regular bills were due.)

Oh! I took two courses (via Zoom) that FED ME, heart and witchy soul. Rose & Root was led by Seraphina Capranos, and From the Wild Edge was co-led by Seraphina and Dr. Karley Denoon ND. I knew I needed to be nourished, and spending time with these wise, wise women and the community they drew to them was worth every penny and every minute.

Continuing with the “feeding me” front, I’ve been listening to, and reading, content put out by Monica Leonelle and Russell Nohelty. They’re two of the most generous people in the business-of-writing world, focused on helping authors create sustainable careers.

And then there’s Becca Syme. I’ve been catching up on episodes of her Quitcast Podcast over the past couple of days as I recover from a bout of workplace toxicity.

Memory – and retail sites’ publishing info – tell me I published 3 books:

  • First was the revised edition of The Goddess & the Woodsman (originally published in 2022), book 1 in the Goddessverse Fantasy Series. It features a forgotten hearth goddess – Habonde – and the Woodsman who loved her. Set in contemporary times, it’s also an adult story about memory, loss, grief, and recovery. And friendship.
  • Second was Persephone Lost & Found, book 2 in the Goddessverse Fantasy Series. This romantasy features a goddess who’s unhappy with her life circumstances – and rather than sleep her way through life, she decides to define anew her roles as Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld. My first sweetly sapphic romance contains a few kisses and many scenes of female friendship <3
  • Third is the novelette, Demon Healer, a paranormal romance featuring two characters from Persephone’s book. Book 3 in the Goddessverse Fantasy Series can be read as a standalone. Please note: steamy scenes ahead.

In March, I ran my 2nd Kickstarter campaign, and met my goal! Two folks who backed the campaign did so in order to appear in a future book. Each provided a few details about their character – and I’m having a BLAST writing them into Calliope #4!

I also started a subscription page on the new REAM platform – and 6 months later accepted the fact that (for now, at least), I am not a writer of serials. At least I can say, “I tried”. I am grateful for the subscribers who leapt in there with me.

COVID found me in August. Four months later, it continues to affect my brain (foggy) and my energy level (low). Sigh.

Okay, that’s it for 2023. On to 2024 in my next post.


Bone to bone and vein to vein,

Bind her wounds and ease her pain.

Sap to sap and skin to skin,

Heal the wounded heart within.

Blood to blood and tear to tear,

Wash away her every fear.

(A prayer of healing I wrote for a scene in DEMON HEALER)


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